To be one of the pioneers in the field of real estate development and investment in the region, and to be a distinctive mark by providing real estate units of outstanding quality to its customers in line with their lifestyle and helping to build society
The Message
A company specialized in the field of real estate development and investment through the selection and development of quality projects that serve and meet the required needs through distinctive designs and implementation mechanisms developed according to financing tools that help empower the target customer and achieve profitable returns for the company
The main objective of establishing the Rakaiz Al Osool Company for real estate services and real estate development is to create housing units for the upper and middle income classes and then sell them on the immediate payment system or the installment sale system for a long period of up to 20 years

Rakaiz project

4 housing units were built during 2021

Two floors and an open extension + swimming pool.
7 rooms, 3 halls.
Establishment of an elevator.
Street 16 meters.
Monsters + driver's room.
indoor position


10 years to the bone.

25 years for cutters and plugs.

Two years for plumbing and electricity.

Implementation of the specifications of the Saudi code.

Obhur Al Shamaliah in Jeddah

ركائز الأصول-03

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Visit us at: Madinah Al Munawwarah Road before the Royal Hall bridge on the right, Al Basateen District, the tower next to the Oil station McDonald’s ,third floor.

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